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We Help You Turn Your Caring Nature Into A Rewarding Business...

Become A Self Employed Carer Today!


Our membership doors are currently closed to new members!  'Why?' I hear you say!  Because we are self employed carers ourselves (so we do what we teach!) but it means we need to be mega effective with time and the absolute best way to do that is to FOCUS!

So our focus is now on serving our current members to ensure they all achieve their goals and and create their own thriving care service!

You can join our Wait List HERE

Wendy, Edmonton

I was struggling on my own not sure where to start, then I found the Professional Carers Network. All documents was easy to follow, step by step instructions. And now I can say it was worth every effort!

Tina, Lancashire

The Professional Carers Network support has given me the confidence to become self employed. My work - homelife balance has improved since becoming self employed thus I am able to convey my feelings of well being into my work.

Stacey, Cornwall

I feel more supported by the Professional Carers Network than any employer I have ever encountered in care!  I'm forever telling people about this wonderful group and how nice it is to have a great network of support.

Here's how it works...

Simply put, by creating your own business as a self employed carer, you cut out the middleman and your care role becomes more fun, better paid and more rewarding.  And the care client gets a better deal as you can deliver a flexible service that caters to their wishes, not just their needs. 

Our role here at the Professional Carers Network is to support you to take the leap to create your own thriving business and become a self employed carer.  We offer the support (and much more!) a traditional care company offers, without taking half your wage to do it! 



What is a Self Employed Carer?

A self employed carer is a person who is working for themselves delivering care services to people in their community.  You can work on your own or work alongside a colleague or two, creating a micro care company.  You deliver a service that is bespoke to each individual and caters to their wishes, not just their needs.  In short, you make receiving care at home amazing for both the person who needs care and for the carer delivering it!


A Better Way To Deliver Care

In our society, the value of carers can often be over looked.  Lots of carers work long hours for low pay delivering an overstretched service.  Ironically leaving them little time to actually build relationships and truly care for the people they support.  When people enter the care sector, they enter to help, but often leave for better jobs feeling frustrated with caring or actually the lack of caring. 

Here at the Professional Carers Network, we have found a way to deliver care that works.  A way to deliver care that meets not just the needs of people who need support, but fulfil their wishes too.  A way to build relationships and improve the quality of their life.

But crucially, a way for carers to feel truly valued too.  A way for carers to be able to enjoy their job and be well rewarded for doing an excellent job.  A way for carers to work the hours that suits their lifestyle and undertake tasks and activities that give them great satisfaction.  A way for the carer to finish every day knowing they truly have made a difference to someones life that day.   We believe that we have found the way to make care a career worth entering!

Now Is The Perfect Time!

Sometimes when launching a business, you have to have the timing of an idea just right.  Well let me tell you, the timing for self employed caring is absolutely NOW!

There is currently a care crisis!  People are living longer, medical advances have been huge over the past years and people are having to use a care system that is still stuck in the old ways of delivering care.  The current care system is simply not designed to help this many people.  But equally peoples expectations and standards of care are also changing.  When people pay for a service, the customer expects top quality service and to be able to have a say in the way their care is delivered.  People do not want to be squished into a care package or shoved in a home.  They want to be able to control their own care in their own home and say who helps them with their needs, wishes and wants. 

This is why it is the absolute perfect time to become a self employed carer!  The self employed carer can tailor each care package to the individual, they can be flexible and can actually have time to build true relationships with the people they support.  Bringing real meaning to person centred care. 

Being A Self Employed Carer Is Truly Rewarding!

Yes we have talked about how the care can improve for your customers.  But what about you as the carer? This is where it gets really fun! 

So as a self employed carer you will be better rewarded for doing a job well done!  And it doesn't cost your care client any extra, they still pay the standard rates for care.  But because that care money doesn't have to filter into a massive organisation, you are able to pay yourself a decent wage.

Yes you need to put some away for tax, and we recommend hiring an accountant and of course joining the Professional Carers Network.  But even with those costs, it is still a fraction of what it would cost you to be an employee.  So yes, being a self employed carer is actually really good pay!  Which means you don't have to work every hour under the sun, it means you can have time to do the things that light you up, time to enjoy hobbies or spend time with your family.  But crucially it also means that the person who needs care gets a happy carer.  Not an overworked carer.  A carer that has the time and energy to truly deliver excellent care. 

You become your own boss, you work hours that suits your lifestyle, all your hard work goes into building your own reputation and it is actually really good fun! 

Hi there! I'm Maria

I've worked in care one way or another for over 15 years now and have worked in a variety of roles.   I've volunteered, I've been in management, I've even been an advocate for people in the mental health wards. I've supported people who needed support on a 3:1 ratio and I've sat with many an old lady who just wanted a cup of tea and chat.  It's fair to say, my care work to date has been varied! 

But now I'm the founder of the Professional Carers Network and I champion people to become self employed carers.  And why is this a cause close to my heart? 

Because I am a self employed carer too!  So I teach people what I do day in and day out! 

I never thought I would be a self employed carer.  In truth I didn't really know it was a thing!  But I can honestly say, it is by far the best career move I have ever made.  And now I'm on a mission to help others make that same career move so they can see the joys of being a self employed carer.  We are literally improving care for all..both for the people receiving care and for the carers delivering it! ​ I'm also a mum to two little boys, a wife, a human to a horse, a master to a dog and a slave to a cat!  So life is busy, fun and there is always lots going on! ​ So as I said, I do as I teach and I have a thriving care service which I run with my friend, Cheryl.  I love providing the best care service in the area and are super proud of what we have achieved.  We provide high quality bespoke care packages to people needing care and we are always inundated with care requests.  Because I see first hand how well this model of care works for all involved, I am passionate about showing others how they can become self employed carers too, so that they can deliver an excellent care service to those who need it, and can discover the joys of working as a Self Employed Carer. ​ Like so many great stories, my story starts out of need.  During covid I found myself being made redundant, places weren't hiring as it was mid pandemic and I had little people to feed and bills to pay.  So I simply needed a job.  I had toyed with the idea of starting a care company over the years, but there were lots of barriers to entry such as needing a lot of money to register with CQC and needing to find reliable staff, not to mention the sheer amount of paperwork was untrue.  But caring is something that I've always done, I'm good at it and I love making a difference to peoples lives.  But working for low pay at companies that were more than stretched with their resources, didn't make for good care or happy people. ​ ​ So, in the midst of panicking about what to do for work, (did I mention my husband also got made redundant the same week in our house, thanks covid!) I stumbled across the possibility of being a self employed carer.  Now I'm not going to lie, I didn't really know that was a thing!  Yes I had heard of PAs and knew of some people that looked after the odd person on the side, but I didn't know that I could choose to be a self employed carer.  I didn't know it was an actual job so to speak!  ​ ​ So I did a lot of digging around the internet to find out what I needed, to be able to set up as a self employed carer.  In truth that was the hardest bit, as there just isn't much information on the subject and I didn't want to just get going and feel like I was providing bogus care to people! But here's what I found out: ​ ​ - Anyone who has a caring skill set can become a self employed carer - Technically you don't need actual qualifications to get started - You don't need to register with CQC (phew, that's a big hurdle avoided!) - You do need to register with HMRC as self employed - There is a way you can do it with a friend ​ ​ So I established it could be done. although admittedly I was still a bit hazy on the details.  Crucially I needed to see if there was an actual need for such a service, so I took to good old Facebook and posted in our community page.  I simply asked if anyone would be interested in using a self employed independent carer,  care packages could be tailored to what people wanted and they wouldn't be squished into a standard non person-centred provision.  It truly would be a bespoke service for that individual.  And OMG, the post went wild!  So so many people saying they would love to use a service like this for their son, daughter, mum, dad, granny, grandad!  What we learnt was: ​ ​ - people wanted to know who was coming through their door and what time, rather than loads of different people from a care company - people wanted consistency and reliability - people wanted actual nice and normal people to care for them - people wanted to build a relationship with the person that cares for them - and most importantly, we learnt that this idea might actually work! ​ ​ So when I said my story was born out of need.  It was first started to fulfil my own needs to pay the bills.  But it continues as we have identified a MASSIVE gap in services available for people needing care.  The people we serve love getting a professional and reliable service that can be flexible to meet their needs, and we love being able to provide a high level of care to people who need it on our own terms.  It's a win for all.  ​ ​ But there is an issue... ​ ​ We are fully booked all the time!  We turn work away weekly. We are a two woman team and there is only so much two people can do.  But we appreciate how scary it is to go self employed.  We took the leap when we didn't have enough information.  We made mistakes that cost us money, in fact at times we pretty much were working for nothing!  We didn't know how to organise our finances and worried about the tax man.  We worried if we were even legal to do what we did.  To start with we had sleepless nights worrying if we would have enough work to survive.  Our little motto for a long time was 'just winging it'!  So I couldn't in good faith encourage people to become a self employed carer the same route we did!  But what I can encourage, is for you to let us help you!   ​ ​ So we have created the Professional Carers Network, as we have learnt all the lessons and can help you avoid the pitfalls.  We invite you to join our community of self employed carers and let us guide you to becoming a self employed carer.  Learn from people who have done it before you and are still enjoying caring as a career.  Save yourself time and money by learning from our mistakes!  But more importantly we take away the fear and loneliness of being a self employed carer, by having access to our community, resources and training.  So that we can encourage more people to take the leap and start their new career.  ​ ​ I truly love being a carer.  I love being able to make a difference to people's lives.  A genuine difference.  I love delivering a service that actually makes people's lives better.  But I would love to be able to do this on a larger scale.  Help more people.  Raise the standard of care that is offered to people.  Raise the profile of people delivering care.  Make care a career choice rather than something people do because they can't do anything else.  Make care a career that is worth entering the industry for.  Caring for people is truly a calling.  And we want people to be able to answer that calling in a way that lights them up and fulfils their needs.  ​ ​ By becoming a member of the Professional Carers Network, you are joining a movement towards better care for all.  This is only the beginning, and we would love for you to come along on the journey with us. ​

Professional Carers Network can help you!

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Here's What You Get As A Member Of The Professional Carers Network

Here's how we help you be everyone's favourite self employed carer!



Your self employed carer's insurance is included in your membership. As  we believe it is important to have the right cover to protect you and your business if needed.


Monthly Meet Ups

Every month we meet online for a good catch up, teamed with a bonus training session, this can be anything from becoming a dementia with us to having a financial education session ensuring you are future protecting your business. 


Online Training

You get access to the Qintil Training platform with over 20 different care courses included in your membership! So it is super easy to keep your training up to date and gain new skills when needed.


DBS Checks and Discounts

Enhanced DBS application processing at a discounted rate.  You can also get a membership card which also entitles you to high street discounts included in your membership fee. 


Supportive Community

Many self employed carers report feelings of isolation and loneliness as an issue. But not our members, they have access to a supportive community of like minded carers to cheer each other on.


Business Support

We know many of you have the caring skill set 100% sorted but worry about the business side of things!  So we have easy to follow business guides to help you set up for success, ranging from care contract templates to leaflet templates for marketing. To how to invoice and how to register as self employed.

Membership now also includes advertising! 

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 16.52.29.png

All our members are now able to advertise their business on our website using our Find A Carer location map!  People looking for care can simply check their area and contact the carer that is in their location. No hassle, no fuss, just simply connecting people who need care to some fabulous carers!  

All this for only £19.99 per month!

And just to really hit home how good of a deal this is......


Employed Carer

Earns on average £9.50-£11 per hour


Self Employed Carer

Earns on average £20 - £25 per hour


Tax Deductible Cost!

Your membership cost can go down as a tax deductable business expense!

The cost of your membership is less than what you will earn for working 1 hour that month! 

Join us so that we can show you how you can earn more money, have more fun and take control of your career all whilst stil doing your caring role!

Kelly, Fleetwood

Most of all I take away the confidence to KNOW I can do it and the REASSURANCE that if I need help I've got the support of the Professional Carers Network.  Thank you so much

Katrina, Northampton

I have gained my first 2 clients and will be starting my self-employed journey earlier than planned so thank you so much

Joanne Lancashire

You go above and beyond for all of us, thank you!

Let's Make A Difference Together!

Whilst it is true you can be a self employed carer all on your own. You can try and figure out everything on your own hoping you don't make too many costly mistakes.  You can go searching all over the internet for advice and friends, piecing bits and pieces together as you go.   It can be slow and frustrating, but totally doable. 

But why bother doing it on your own when you don't have too?!  We've got you covered, we've researched and used everything you need to know.  We've sourced everything you need to run your reputable and thriving business.  And we have the supportive community behind us to cheer you on every step of the way!  Let us do this with you and we will make you everyone's favourite self employed carer!

Click below to join our wait list and be the first to know when the doors are open!

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